Obi & Nicole a love story channeled through food


Soul Burrito was created by Nicole and Obi in 2008. The couple created the business from scratch, building the business piece by piece. Obi a former Police Detective and Nicole a former educator, decided to leave their jobs and step out on faith to build their business. 10 Years later the Lintons have the hottest Food Truck and restaurant in the Harrisburg Area.


The Soul Burrito brand derives from two individuals who came together to create something special. It all started when Chef Obi which is what Mr. Linton is commonly known as in the community ate a burrito while working a case in Baltimore. He sat in the restaurant wondering what he could possibly do to help pursue his dreams of business ownership..His only passion was cooking, but that dream was far fetched..But then it hit him, open a burrito restaurant and take 30 years of cooking experience and stuff it into a burrito. 3 weeks later they purchased a old beat up meat delivery truck from a friends and converted it into a dream. It took 6 months of building in the winter months to get the truck street ready and they have never looked back.  Join us on our journey to build a business and give back to charities and the community in the process. 


since 2008​

2020 Soulmates Foods

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